Our benefit management software is available free of charge to our clients:

  • Benefits Management. Review your employee benefits, on-boarding and compliance all in one central location. It comes with cloud document storage and a HR Library with a detailed audit trail as part of the package. Employees can log in to update their profiles and view benefits.
  • HR 360. An efficient way to receive ACA and benefit guidelines and notices along with the tools and forms every business needs. Our employers use it as the go-to source to stay ahead of the curve on all aspects of compliance and HR management.

What about those times when you need to talk to a real live person?

  • HR Manager Help Line. A great way for business owners, managers and supervisors to receive support and immediate guidance with day-to-day employment issues. The toll-free number is answered by an experienced Human Resource consultant who will give practical, step-by-step guidance and suggestions to resolve the situation in a lawful and sensitive manner. The Manager Help Line is a powerful management tool which provides you with the resources to solve any HR problems before they become legal problems.
Photo by Sam Edwards/OJO Images / Getty Images